Cigar Table Station – $300 (Minimum 2 hours /$100 each additional hour)
Is your event indoors? Or, maybe your space is too small to accommodate the pop-up tent…no worries. Our table service can be added to help kick things up a notch.​​
Cigar Table & Tent Station – $400 (Minimum 2 hours /$100 each additional hour)
10 x 10 canopy tent – great for cookouts, golf outings, tailgating, festivals, parties, etc.
Cigar Rolling Demonstration – $400 (Minimum 2 hours / $100 for each additional hour). The fee for cigars is separate and starts at $5 each. Optional custom bands are $2 each.
Drive-By Service – $100 (Requires a minimum $50 cigar purchase and includes a mini Cigar 101 Presentation)
Delivery Service – Requires a minimum $50 cigar purchase
(Mileage charged @ $.70/mile)

Additional Fees

Add On Services

Custom Gifts & Apparel

(Prices Vary)

Hosted Cigar Station

Cigarden Mobile Cigar Service LLC

Guest-Pay Cigar Station

Give your guests the opportunity to purchase from a wide variety of cigars. Shade Cigar Café will be available to cut and light them.

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